Cyclescheme WordPress Plugin

Cyclescheme WordPress Plugin

Cycling to work isn't just about reducing carbon emissions; it's about promoting healthier lifestyles and creating more sustainable communities.

 Cyclescheme, a tax-based incentive program, aims to encourage more people to embrace cycling as their daily commute choice. With our innovative plugin, bike shops with WordPress stores can now seamlessly accept Cyclescheme certificates as payment online, making it easier for individuals to invest in a healthier and greener mode of transportation.

Key Benefits for Bike Shops

Expand Customer Base: By accepting Cyclescheme certificates online, bike shops can attract a wider audience of customers who prefer the convenience of online shopping.

Streamlined Payment Process: Say goodbye to manual processing of Cyclescheme certificates. Our plugin automates the payment process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both bike shops and customers.

Promote Sustainability: Partnering with Cyclescheme and offering online payment options aligns your bike shop with the values of sustainability and eco-consciousness, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

Boost Sales: With the ability to accept Cyclescheme certificates online, bike shops can increase their sales volume and revenue by tapping into a larger market of potential buyers.

How It Works

Tax-Based Incentive

Cyclescheme operates as a tax-efficient benefit scheme. Users are issued with a Cyclescheme certificate by their employer, which they can then redeem in participating bike shops to purchase a new bike and accessories.

Savings for Users

By using Cyclescheme, individuals can save significantly on the cost of their new bike. The funds for the bike are deducted from their salary before tax is applied, resulting in savings of 32-45% depending on their tax bracket.

Seamless Online Payments

Our plugin bridges the gap between Cyclescheme and WordPress, enabling bike shops to accept Cyclescheme certificates as payment for online purchases. Users can browse through the shop’s selection, choose their desired bike and accessories, and complete their purchase using their Cyclescheme certificate.

Join the Movement

Empower your bike shop to embrace sustainable commuting and promote healthier lifestyles with our Cyclescheme WordPress plugin. Together, let’s make cycling to work more accessible and rewarding for everyone.