Digital Marketing Services

Chorley Digital provide a full suite of digital marketing services, including Search Engine Marketing, Social Advertising, Website Design and App Development, to a truly global client base. We tailor individual Digital Marketing Strategies for each client, optimising your return on investment and ensuring your business continues to grow.

Website Design

Good website design enables visitors to find what they are looking for as easily as possible. As a conversion agency, Chorley Digital focus on functionality first, before using dynamic design to enable your visitors to get where they need, whilst feeling confident in your brand.

Mobile App Development

Chorley Digital is a UK Based development agency that designs & builds Mobile Applications with a truly global reach. We help Brands, Enterprises & Start-Up organisations by integrating our user-experience know-how into the app development process.

SEO Services

Encompass both technical and content optimisation elements to improve rankings, increase traffic, and improve brand awareness. This will include writing structured content, ensuring the website is healthy, improving your site’s ability to engage with the search engines, & appeal to target audience.


Whether you are an established business looking for a refresh, or a new bundle of ambition ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world, Chorley Digital will help you make sense of the challenges that lay ahead and define an identity that propels you onto the next stage of your journey.

Paid Ads

As a certified Google Partner, Chorley Digital, employ an intelligent mixed strategy when managing PPC for our clients, allowing us to use the flexible nature of PPC marketing to target short-term or seasonal products, ensure longer term traffic for core-product.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is not about putting ink on board – your packaging should make you stand out.It can be the first thing your potential customer sees when considering your product. It has to engage, inspire, and to encourage the consumer to explore further.

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