Speedwave Shopify Loyalty App

Speedwave Shopify Loyalty App

Revolutionize Customer Loyalty with Speedwave

Are you ready to take your e-commerce business to the next level? Meet Speedwave, the ultimate Shopify Loyalty App designed to transform the way you engage with your customers. Speedwave helps you build strong, lasting relationships through a comprehensive loyalty program that rewards your customers for their continued support.

Key Features

Customisable Loyalty Campaigns

  • Reward Customer Loyalty: Reward customers with points for every purchase. Tailor the points system to fit your business needs and customer behavior.
  • Multiple Campaigns: Create multiple loyalty campaigns offering different incentives for specific sale periods or increased incentives on specific product lines for a limited period.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Connect with popular email marketing tools to display each customer’s individual loyalty points balance
  • Redeem Points In Checkout: Allow your customers to swap their points balance for a discount on purchases in the checkout. 

Seamless Integration

  • Shopify Compatibility: Speedwave integrates effortlessly with your Shopify store, ensuring a smooth setup process and a unified experience for your customers.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Connect with popular email marketing tools, CRM systems, and social media platforms to maximize your loyalty program’s reach and effectiveness.
  • Intuitive Interface: Manage your loyalty campaigns with ease using Speedwave’s user-friendly dashboard. Create new campaigns in seconds.

Simple Customer Management

  • Refund With Points Not Cash: Speedwave gives you the ability to replace refunds by manually awarding points to individual users that can be redeemed against future purchases instead of providing a refund.
  • Customer Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your customer base with insights into their purchasing behavior and engagement with your loyalty program. Use this data to make informed decisions and optimise your strategies.

Why Choose Speedwave?

Enhanced Customer Retention

Increase repeat purchases and foster brand loyalty by rewarding your customers for their continued support.

Boosted Revenue

Encourage higher spending with tiered rewards and personalised incentives.

Run Multiple Incentives

Create short-term campaigns and offer increased points on specific collections or individual products. 

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage comprehensive analytics to refine your loyalty strategies and drive better results.

Getting Started

Join the many successful e-commerce businesses that have already transformed their customer loyalty programs with Speedwave. Sign up today and start building stronger relationships with your customers.

Step 1: Install the Speedwave app from the Shopify App Store.

Step 2: Customise your loyalty program settings to match your business needs.

Step 3: Launch your loyalty program and start rewarding your customers!

Transform the way you engage with your customers and watch your business grow with Speedwave – the ultimate Shopify Loyalty App.