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Chorley Digital’s SEO Strategies encompass both the technical and content optimisation elements required to improve your rankings, increase your traffic, and grow your brand awareness. This includes writing interesting structured content, ensuring your website is technically healthy, improving your site’s ability to engage with the search engines, whilst also appealing to your target audience.

Search Engines are global data infrastructures with a granular local reach, and they can pinpoint a single user group based on multiple criteria, from location to household income. Search Engine Optimisation focuses on growing your visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results, ensuring your website gets in front of the right people.

Our strategies connect you directly with consumers that need the products you sell.

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Tailored SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t just about building search engine-friendly websites. It’s about making your site better for visitors to use as well – ensuring the user-journey is simple and visitors can get what they need without having to trawl pages of content. However, none of this is of any use if your website is not set-up to inform search engines where you want to be shown. The most common mistake we see from ‘search-friendly’ websites is that they have been optimised to target specific keywords, but the developer has failed to instruct the search engines which country, locality or language the content is intended for.

Chorley Digital employ a progressive and phased approach to local and national SEO, enabling us to target the lower-hanging fruit whilst domain authority and competitiveness are improved, building relevance and authority that allows you to dominate the keywords relating to your market.

Search Engine Optimisation Focusing On Mobile Users

Mobile Device Website Traffic

Over the last few years, the percentage of traffic on mobile devices has grown massively. With more people choosing to browse the web by their mobile device rather than desktop or tablet, it is now more important than ever to optimise your site so that it’s mobile responsive. One major thing to consider is your user journey, what works great for desktop may not work as great on mobile. User-Experience is a key focus of our SEO Services, as we think about what’s important to the user and present it in a mobile-friendly way.

Is your website making the best use of the traffic it receives? Our SEO Services will maximise your conversion rates and drive more of the right kind of traffic to your site. Contact us today and we will give you a free, tailored consultation on your website, it’s performance and identify precisely the right SEO Package to increase your conversions.


Why SEO? Organic Search Is the Cheapest Source of Buying Traffic

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Expect results for your investment. From our first interaction, our goal is already firmly set on turning your investment into results. We start every journey with a free audit of your site, giving you recommendations and advice. Usually, we say your digital strategy can take up to 3 months to gain full momentum, though, you’ll definitely see short-term gains too. Take a look at these results from one of our clients, you can see over the last 60 days their organic rankings have grown enormously.

Through proper on and offsite optimisation, your website can improve its reach and conversion rate and increase its revenue exponentially.

The Chorley Technical SEO Breakdown

  • Search Engines (SEs)will measure scores of different aspects of your website in order to establish how relevant it is to the search query
  • Search Engines favour fast sites – this allows them to crawl the content quicker
  • Chorley Digital ensure the purpose of each page is unique, as it is important to avoid duplicating on-page content and meta data
  • Broken Links (i.e. links that fail to take the user through to the intended page ending up with a 404 error) create a poor user journey and will be marked negatively
  • Modern search engines are global infrastructures with a very granular local reach – make sure you tell them which language & geographical location your content is intended for
  • Around 50% of your audience will not click through to the next page, so shortening the user journey will result in more people reaching the finish line
  • Choose your keywords wisely – targeting high-competition search terms with an uncompetitive website is futile. Aim for smaller, less competitive terms first where you can achieve quicker wins and build relevance 
  • Understanding the way the consumer searches is imperative; e.g. if you are selling ‘spades’, don’t call them ‘manual soil removal devices’… nobody searches for this!
  • Ensure each page is optimised for a specific search term
  • Take the consumer straight to the product – this shortens the user-journey and increases the number of potential sales
  • Many people use search engines to ask questions; create content to answer the questions most relevant to your niche
  • Take note of competition – understanding why websites are achieving the best ranking positions will allow you to create a strategy to beat them
  • Create a strategy before optimising meta data. Deciding which parts of the website should be targeted toward specific search terms can save huge amounts of time during the optimisation process
  • Pay close attention to character usage – search engines want information provided in specific formats and they will negatively score websites that fail to adhere to these parameters
  • SEs cannot see pictures – make sure you tell them what each picture is about by using ‘alt tags’
  • Optimise image file sizes to ensure the website is able to load quickly, this can be carried out without losing resolution or physical size
  • Semantics are a crucial part of the digital strategy – before you write any content, you should understand which semantic terms should be accommodated
  • The number of times a particular keyword is mentioned on your page will have an effect on it’s score. Too many mentions will act negatively, as will too few
  • Backlinks still play a key role in delivering a successful digital strategy, however they must be genuine and relevant to your niche subject
  • Investing in a quick hosting platform can help your site rank better, as it will improve your response times to both the SEs and visitors alike
  • Reaching out to third party publishers, such as niche relevant bloggers or new outlets can be a great source of backlinks, especially if you can provide them with a guest post
  • Creating content for 3rd party publishers to use is also a great way to create backlinks – this can be achieved through infographics or unique data
  • Social media allows you to engage directly with the target audience
  • SEs management accounts, such as Google’s Search Console, should be set-up correctly to ensure consistency between the coding on the website and the SE tools – conflicts in this information will create confusion for the SEs and you will not be granted the rankings you deserve

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