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If you’re looking for high-quality, bespoke web design, Chorley Digital are here for you.

Great website design enables visitors to find what they are looking for as easily as possible.

As a full-service digital agency, Chorley Digital’s website designs focus on functionality and user experience. Great structure enables visitors to get where they need and search engine crawlers to rank your site more effectively. Our team will consult with your business to understand your objectives, and create a custom design that leaves your potential customers feeling confident in your brand.

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Our Website Design Process

Information Architecture & UX are core features of design, and differ depending on what the ultimate aim of the website is. Before we start to work on designs, Chorley Digital need to understand that purpose. We work with every level of your organisation to uncover every minute detail of how your business interacts with its customers, learning the needs of each department, so we can understand what is most important.

Prioritising this criteria allows us to craft the perfect user experience, optimising the purchasing journey for your customers and your organisation alike.

  • Defining the main purpose of your website will allow you to establish a simple user journey, directing visitors to the information they need with ease
  • Understanding your audience gives you the opportunity to tailor the site to their requirements
  • Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, tailoring the website to the audience means your business is more likely to resonate with them
  • Chorley Digital develop websites based on many different content management platforms. Choosing the right one is essential to providing an efficient service
  • Our creative, website development and search teams collaborate throughout the process to ensure your website meets all of the necessary requirements including aesthetic design, experience, search capability and optimisation
  • One of the main characteristics measured by search engines is your website’s ability to satisfy the traffic they provide. Convert it well and the search engines will trust you as a source of information or products
  • A clear and simple user-journey should enable a user to find what they are searching for and complete a conversion within 2-3 clicks
  • Create different experiences tailored to the device of the user
  • Providing categories on the homepage will give your audience clear paths to get to the information they need
  • Providing clear points of contact and calls to action will also help the user navigate your site more easily
  • Be revolutionary – lead, don’t follow! There is no definitive user journey – Chorley Digital start with a blank sheet and tailor the user-journey depending on what you have to offer
  • Content should always be written with both users and search engines in mind
  • Establishing the range of semantic terms for each piece will allow you to create a structure that satisfies both
  • Heading structure is key to ensuring your written content takes the user on a journey, answering their questions along the way and leading them to what they are searching for
  • Before a visitor actually reads any content, they must be encouraged to delve further by visual stimulation. The imagery on your site must give a clue as to the purpose
  • Simplify your text and don’t be afraid to use your personality – visitors will leave if the content is complex
  • Use clear calls to action – show the customer how they can make a purchase, or simply how to get in touch with you
  • Content should be tailored to the device – mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Over 60% of all search is carried out on a mobile device
  • Of mobile searches, 40% is aimed at finding local information or products
  • Your website should be built to accommodate mobile users first
  • Mobile users tend to be less interested in reading content and more reliant on imagery to navigate
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Responsive Web Design​

A responsive website automatically changes to fit the size of the device that you’re on. Typically there are four major screen sizes, widescreen desktop, smaller desktop (for example a laptop), tablet and mobile phone. We focus heavily on responsive design because every device is different. That means the user journey has to be adapted to each device individually, ensuring it is the most effective and efficient it can be. 

On Site Optimisation

Optimisation is essentially how your website communicates with Google. Writing page titles, meta descriptions and structured content are the basics of SEO, however, something that many website developers forget is your site’s performance optimisation. On-site optimisation is a complex and time-consuming – by compressing images and packaging data in an efficient manner, we make sure your site easy for the search engines to crawl. Should you require a much greater digital strategy please read more on our search engine optimisation page.

Hosting & SSL Certificates

Good hosting is essential as the wrong server choice can lead to downtime on your website, which means missed opportunities and lost revenue. We work with established hosting providers to give us a solid and quality platform to host your website, tailoring your host platform to your individual requirements. Minimising downtime is essential but security is just as important. If you’re running an e-commerce website that stores customers data then having an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate is industry standard. This is the protocol for securing connections between network application clients and servers over an un-secure network. It helps protect your customer data and payment details, protecting you from hackers and preventing any data breaches.

Content Management

We build our websites a varied range of CMS (content management systems) including WordPress, Magento (1 and 2), BigCommerce & Shopify. We work with you to understand the nature of your project and select the best CMS for your requirements. There are positives and negatives to all CMS depending on what it is you want to do and how big your site needs to be. If you’d like to discuss what’d be best for you, please contact us now for a free consultation.

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