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Paid Ads or ‘Pay-Per-Click’ (PPC) marketing allows you to get your brand in front of people searching for the products, services or information you offer in an incredibly swift and efficient manner by targeting specific search phrases.

Unlike organic rankings, PPC allows you to pay a fee for each person that clicks on your advert and visits your website. Fees are dependent upon the competitiveness of the search term, which is measured by how much advertisers are willing to spend for each click.

As a certified Google Partner, Chorley Digital, based in Lancashire, employ an intelligently mixed strategy PPC advertiser when managing PPC for our clients. Allowing us to use the flexible nature of PPC marketing to target short-term or seasonal products, ensure longer term traffic for core-products and maintain search page real-estate on branded queries to ward off competitors attempting to poach people searching for your company.

This approach ensures you get the best possible return for your ad budget, optimising results and minimising spend. We can target specific audiences based on their preferences, disposable income, characteristics and even locality.

Expanding that same philosophy into advertising across Social Media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, Chorley Digital are able to ensure we get the right message in front of the people you want your brand to reach.


We Also Employ The Same Methodical Approach To Social Media Marketing, Enabling Us To Get Your Message Directly In Front Of The Right People, Minimising Waste And Optimising Return.

  • Chorley Digital specialise in Maximising ROI – it is the key to an effective strategy
  • Plan long-term – your ambition may not be reflected by your budget
  • Take into account as many data sources as possible when researching keywords
  • Think like the buyer, not the seller
  • Target existing demand – educating the audience is a very expensive and long term process
  • Search is not just about keywords – identifying audience geography is imperative to a successful campaign
  • Search engines will provide your site with a Quality Score, factoring in many different aspects of your website in order to establish how relevant it is to the search query
  • Ensuring the landing page meta data is optimised correctly for the search term will improve your quality score
  • Understanding the way the consumer searches is imperative; using dynamic keyword functions can be crucial to achieving budget efficiency
  • The purpose of each page should be unique, therefore, it is important to ensure the user is being landed directly on the content they require
  • Modern search engines are global infrastructures with a very granular local reach -targeting your PPC campaigns geographically means your spend becomes far more efficient
  • A large portion of mobile based search queries are attempting to find local providers of a particular service or product. Build a local campaign to your own business to ensure you are seen
  • Display Ad marketing allows you to promote your products or services using image based adverts to reach out to consumers via third party websites
  • As your adverts are appearing on third party content providers and you have no control over that content, they must be impactful in order to attract the user to click on them
  • Take the consumer straight to the product – this shortens the user-journey and increases the number of potential sales
  • Moderating the websites in your display network is important, ensuring your advert only appears amongst approved content providers, avoiding the prospect of appearing amongst solicitous material
  • Unlike affiliate marketing where third party websites receive a commission for a completed sale, Display Ad network publishers receive a percentage of the cost per click fee charged by the search engine
  • Display Ads are a fantastic mechanism to reaching your potential consumers  via third party publishers who provide content for the same target audience
  • Remarketing data can take a while to generate, therefore it is imperative that this is viewed as a progressive part of your strategy
  • The most effective remarketing campaigns make use of specifically developed imagery
  • Follow the consumer for as long as possible, depending on your typical conversion cycle; i.e. are your  products an impulse or considered purchase?
  • Track conversion closely so you can see which campaigns are working best and start to gain a better understanding of how users interact with your website
  • As your adverts are appearing on third party content providers and you have no control over that content, they must be impactful in order to attract the user to click on them
  • Remarketing also gives you the opportunity to moderate which websites your ads appear – this is important be sure your brand does not appear amongst material you do not wish to be associated with
  • Shopping feeds can be used to enable the user to see your products on the search page, before they have even entered your website
  • Shopping campaigns allow you to identify your target audience geographically and build campaigns around specific locations
  • A large portion of mobile based search queries are attempting to find local providers of a particular service or product. Building a campaign in the immediate area around your business will allow you to capture this traffic
  • If your target audience has predictable location traits, this should be included in your campaign – for example, if your target customer is university students, target areas surrounding the university towns to improve spend efficiency
  • Using the ‘Custom Labels’ function can allow you to target consumers with particular requirements; i.e. if your product is considered high-end, use custom labels to target searches where people use the phrase ‘luxury’
  • Combining your Shopping campaign with a remarketing campaign enables you to re-invite consumers to your site to purchase products they have previously looked at, but did not buy. You can also user remarketing to present products that compliment previous purchases

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