Packaging Design & Development

Packaging design is not just about putting ink on board – your packaging should make you stand out.

Your packaging can be the first thing your potential customer sees when considering your product. It has to engage, to inspire, and it has to encourage the consumer to explore further.

After all, what is the use of going adorning your products in bright, attention seeking colours if all your competitor products are all screaming with loud, bold colours too? Being unique is not the same as being loud. Intelligent packaging design has purpose. Cardboard is a versatile material that gives us the opportunity to play with folds, windows and cleaver features, displaying not only the product, but its key attributes.

Our Packaging Design Experience

Chorley Digital have over 20 years experience in the print and packaging industry, delivering projects for big brands including Nintendo, Pizza Express and Empire Cinemas.

Our package designers team will work closely with you to accomplish the final design – using a variety of print finishes, materials and construction techniques to ensure your product is displayed in the best possible way.

  • Establishing a clear brief is the key to delivering a successful packaging design
  • What is the purpose of the packaging and what aspects of the product should it display most?
  • Packaging should be used to underline the tone and character of the brand
  • Identifying the user audience accurately enables us to expand the brief to include other influences that will increase the chance of packaging resonating with the consumer
  • Whether you are selling a product or service, tailoring the identity of the project to the audience allows you to gain their trust
  • Your packaging should also reflect the quality and value of the service you provide
  • We all share a responsibility for maintaining our environment and Chorley Digital believe all aspects of packaging should be biodegradable or recyclable
  • Think of the life of the packaging after it has served it’s primary purpose – could it be given a continuous use?
  • Chorley Digital carry out research into your audience that will give us a detailed understanding of their material preferences
  • Look at the competition – see what is working and understand why people like it
  • Consider the digital dimension, using technologies such as augmented reality can really make your packaging come to life
  • Be revolutionary – lead, don’t follow
  • Your brand should always appear the same, whether it appears on screen or in print
  • Using unique finishes such as hot foils, spot varnish, lenticular lenses and embossing will draw the consumer’s eye
  • Your product needs to stand out on the shelf – design should cater for the environment
  • Standing out doesn’t always mean being loud
  • Ensure your packaging meets the requirements of the distribution and retail channels you are selling to
  • Most packaging materials are versatile and allow you to be creative with the layouts, adding a dimension of fun for the consumer
  • Creating a visual identity is about stimulating emotion and colour is key to engaging with your audience
  • Retail environments are competitive with many brands bidding for the buyers attention, create your best strategy to stand out
  • Integrating alternative media, such as video, augmented reality and even GPS or Bluetooth retail systems will bring a digital dimension to your presentation
  • Using abstract shapes can really make a POS unit stand out – the retailer will usually have preferred counter dimensions, however there are many more options than just the simple counter tower

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