What is Remarketing?

What is remarketing and why should you care?

Remarketing, also known as retargeting is a form of advertising that allows us to target people who have already visited or taken an action on your site or mobile app. The people targeted don’t even have to buy anything to see these ads which makes remarketing an important tool for reconnecting potential customers with your website or app.
Remarketing can be used to advertise a specific product or service, which makes it particularly effective at recovering abandoned carts in e-commerce sites. Retargeting has huge potential to increase your revenue and return on investment.

How Does Remarketing Work?

If you currently advertise on Google, all you need to do is use a piece of JavaScript called Pixel and add it to your website.
Using remarketing you can show Google ads on the vast number of Google partner sites within the Google Display Network which encompasses 2 million websites and has a reach of 92% of all internet users.
Pixel is customisable which allows you to further define categories and pages giving you more accurate remarketing through the Google Display Network.
As an example, if you operate an e-commerce site that sells nutritional products you might want to create an audience for protein shakes based on people who have visited parts of your site that sell or mention protein shakes. Using this you can show a very specific audience advertisements which you know they have an interest in.

Why Remarket?

Google Remarketing is a very powerful tool because it allows you to stay within sight of potential customers even though they may not be on the site.
By putting your brand and products in front of interested customers you increase their trust in your brand making them more likely to buy from you.

Advantages of Remarketing

Google remarketing ads have dramatically higher click-through and conversion rates than traditionally displayed ads, giving you a significantly higher ROI.
Because remarketing helps build trust in a brand the likelihood of a visitor returning and making a second purchase is dramatically increased too.
To help entice first time buyers back for a second purchase Google remarketing allows you to show offers to first time buyers, such as discounts or free shipping on a second purchase.
Google Pixel creates reports of how your campaigns are performing, where your ads are largely showing (in terms of country and sites) and how much you’re paying per click.
Your advertisements can be triggered when people are likely to buy, for example when they’re searching for or visiting a competitor’s website.

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