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Create a custom Shopify app enabling customers with a valid Cycle To Work Scheme certificate to purchase a bicycle via the client website.


The Cyclescheme payment application option was restricted for use on specific products, therefore we needed to ensure the custom Shopify app we developed was not shown as an option for those purchasing products that were not available in the scheme.

The custom Shopify app was created using node.js. We overcame the requirement to only show it on certain products by adding a snippet referenced in the checkout.liquid file, so that the Cyclescheme payment option is only displayed when customers have the relevant Wholesale products in their cart.

The app is hosted on our secure server and is developed to verify the customer’s certificate in real-time with the payment processing platform via three API calls. Once all API calls have been made successfully, the app creates a dynamic gift card for the same value as the cart, zero-ing the balance and allowing the user checkout successfully. The product is then dispatched by the client’s distribution facility by courier direct to the end user. However, to accommodate relevant tax and ownership legislation relating to the Cycle To Work Scheme, we had to create an additional automatic status in the order profile, which signified when the product had been dispatched. This is because legislation specified that the repayment scheme could not commence until the product had been received successfully by the end user. Once receipt was confirmed, the order status changed to complete and the customer was paid for the product by the Cyclescheme issuer.

The app was developed on a dev theme so that functionality of the live site was unaffected during development. Once development and testing had been completed, we were able to simply publish the theme containing the snippet file and relevant custom code, making the functionality available on the front end.