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    Havwoods UK & USA
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The Plan

When we first started working with Havwoods we looked at the overall picture and looked at what areas we needed to improve. Getting customers onto any website using paid ads (pay-per-click) is only half the job of any successful campaign. The website must compliment the ad itself and provide an easy user journey or else the conversion rates will suffer dramatically making those paid ads far less efficient and a waste of money.

Havwoods wanted to provide samples to its potential customers so they could touch and feel the quality of their real wood flooring, but ultimately, their website was just far to complex to navigate once people got onto their website. To work around this we created some landing pages that are tailor-made to direct customers to the right section of the website so they can easily choose the sample pack they want. This makes for a far smoother user experience and therefore we have seen a dramatic increase in their conversion rates.

Some Statistics

The figures are still getting better and better but so far we’ve seen an increase in conversions and we’ve also reduced the cost per conversion!